Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Term As Chief Will Be Dedicated To Transparency Of Records

Thank you for receiving and considering this message requesting your support in ensuring that I am elected Chief of Quw'utsun Peoples at Cowichan Tribes in this 2009 election year. This is a Drum Song Year ! And, THESE are My POLICIES & This Is MY SPEECH @ The Chief's Forum 2009; and, the NOMINEES LIST ! Thank You for visiting My YouTUBE video; and, remember Day School Survivors at Wind Spirit !

My email address for this 2009 campaign is brubysam4cowichanchief2009@gmail.com . And, I invite your comments, observations, requests and concerns.

You may recall that I have campaigned in 2007 for this Chief's position.

This 2009 Election Year is a most important and critical time for Quw'utsun Peoples - and, Coast Salish Peoples, as a whole.

Our traditional territories are continuing to be under attack by federal and provincial governments. The "Treaty" talks should be TRADE TALKS. And, we are a Peoples who are finally finding our voices in the international marketplace.

Again, huy'ch'qu' / thank you for receiving my words - AND, I look forward to RECEIVING YOUR VOTE for CHIEF ! Signed : LITTLE RUBY

Copyrighted 2009 Bernadette Ruby Sam